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Strategic Sourcing


Both completed and present contracts are reviewed and compared to invoices and actual work performed. TIG’s experience is that the highest error rates occur in voice and data (Telecom) bills, contractors and consultants and software development. We develop your recovery plan to recoup any overspending and negotiate favorable client credit and payment terms from vendors. Present contracts often benefit from our method of clarification of deliverables and timetables in the Statements of Work, as well as cost comparisons.

Future contracts receive the same scrutiny, and benefit from our past negotiations with vendors but are also subject to TIG’s review, which often eliminates unfavorable terms and conditions. Our ability to provide vendors with precedents for contractual arrangements on terms we view favorably provides a measure of comfort for both our clients and their suppliers.

Analyze: spend database (profiled), analysis, focus on indicators of opportunity (disproportionate or inconsistent spend versus relative benchmark, change in market forces) potential savings levels identified

Categorize: sourcing strategy and preparation for the execution sequence track

Negotiate: RFIs, RFPs, new or modified contracts, notify vendors,

Implement: Asset management policies, metrics and administration put in place; listen to employees for feedback and reformulate accordingly

Manage: performance monitoring and management reporting, communication with all stakeholders

Fulfill: manage order placement and process, including acceptance management and, vendor payments

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Strategic Sourcing
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Strategic Sourcing
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TIG delivers turnkey expense reduction: a graduated process managed all the way through fulfillment.

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