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Strategic Outsourcing

When the story of the internet is written for future generations, historians will note that one company, Cisco, provided the majority of the infrastructure—the nuts and bolts—of the internet. Few, however, will realize Cisco does little manufacturing; the lion’s share is done to the company’s specifications by third-party manufacturers, principally among them Solectron.
Strategic Outsourcing is where TIG’s knowledge of global vendors and benchmarking experience with large corporations combine to lower large capital costs. We leverage the expertise and economies of scale available from contract specialists for your benefit. TIG identifies the application and business processes within your organization that can be completed by third-party specialists, without disruptive change and at lower costs. Much of the success of both Cisco and Solectron may be attributed to precisely these kinds of symbiotic relationships.

Strategic Outsourcing
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Strategic Outsourcing
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