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Change Management

Corporate culture is the business equivalent of personality. When challenged, as when facing a merger or restructuring, an organization may react negatively or positively. Negative reactions resist changes; positive reactions accept the pain of change in order to find greater opportunities. Change Management is a multi-disciplinary science that whose final effect is to grease the skids of change. Not only is managing change more cost effective than battling employee resentments, it helps to preserve the character of the culture that built your organization in the first place. An investment in Change Management is an expression of your belief in the fact that the members of your team are more than fungible assets.

You would not be reading this section of our website were you not aware that there are extraordinary human implications to the pro-forma spreadsheets developed by your consultants, accountants and investment bankers. Employees may perceive a restructuring as a heavy weight for them to lift. Change management, then, is a trainer, who designs a program tailored to the corporation (the word literally means ‘body’) to ease that burden and keep in full view the many ways in which the often repetitive tasks of training will result in a stronger and more vibrant enterprise.

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Change Management

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