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Change Management

Success story

We actively participated in the merger integration efforts of two leading American investment banks as the Asia Pacific regional change manager, and were responsible for managing post merger organizational issues and improving organizational effectiveness.

In this role, TIG staff developed, executed and implemented a comprehensive change management program that covered hundreds of employees across 15 countries in Asia Pacific. The main goal of the change process was to migrate employees from four different heritage firms to a single regional operating model. Bridging over organizational cultural differences, as well as the ethnic and social diversity was one of the key obstacles in creating a successful, positive organizational change.

The analysis of the organization’s social dynamics highlighted current and future organizational needs, while also serving as the basis for the change management program that included the following components:

Cultural integration agenda to manage the integration of four heritage firms with distinct cultures under a common cultural umbrella.
Organizational Development program that assessed professional and personal development gaps and addressed them to ensure effective migration to a new operating model.
Employee selection criteria to streamline the post-merger employee selection process.
Coaching sessions on the application of Six Sigma methodology to establish a regional Shared Services Department.
Focusing on the employees’ human needs during the transition process reduced their resistance and ensured positive execution with minimal disruption to ongoing operations.

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