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About TIG

Money motivates. It didn’t take us fifteen years on Wall Street to figure out that profits drive corporations, but in that time the amount of waste we witnessed was a very attractive multiple of our collective compensation. Knowing this, we left Wall Street and founded TIG in order to help corporations KEEP more of their profits. We focus on procurement because that is where our work is most tangible, measurable and has the greatest impact.

TIG assembled top talent from the investment banking, venture capital, legal, IT and accounting professions bringing a critical mass of expertise and unconventional talents to bear on reducing expenses to drive profitability. Along the way we created a business that costs its clients less than it saves, and a frank but gentle style that lets us keep company with the forefront of American corporations.

Our client list consists of Fortune 100 companies across a spectrum of industries including media/entertainment, telecommunications, manufacturers, financial services, real estate and development, and health care.

We are a privately held company in business and in the black since 1999.

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