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Saving Money

Difficult decisions about costs, with real financial consequences, can rarely be evaluated dispassionately by those in the operating environment. Making the decision, however, can only be done by a leader who has examined the choices and made the smart one. TIG focuses on high impact areas of corporate spending, makes a recommendation and carries it out. While the decisions and their financial consequences are yours, we achieve your goals fast. Our fees are always a percentage of your savings. You owe TIG to yourselves.

  • Strategic Sourcing: "Purchasing power you never knew you had"
  • Strategic Outsourcing: "9 out of 10 chefs will agree: A canned Italian tomato beats homegrown for time, price and flavor"
  • Extreme Value Negotiation: "The skills that made you a great leader are rarely the same ones that drive the hardest bargain. Keep your hands clean. Pay the right price."
  • Change Management: "Hell hath no fury like an employee scorned."
  • Efficiency Management: "Change is constant. Efficiency is the result of persistently staying on top of change."

Complex Business Transactions

Bankers bank, accountants count, lawyers argue, but who makes sure that in the joint-venture You've financed, Your company accesses the distribution You were seeking in the first place? After the consummation of your transaction, TIG follows through. All during transactions, there are risks of costs getting out of hand, especially by those who prioritize a foolish consistency over the big picture. These risks are not avoidable, but they are manageable and TIG will improve your transaction's odds of success by managing the "moving parts." Using many of the pattern-recognition techniques we have learned from cost optimizing, and large-scale integration, and our deep bench in the capital markets, TIG will manage most, if not all, of the standard block and tackle work of transactions. You are free to concentrate your time and activities where they add the greatest amount of value.

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