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Strategic Outsourcing


TIG analyzes and categorizes your major expenditures either as high value added core competencies or commodity processes. Some commodity-processes are deemed core competencies for their cultural or historical value-added. The remainders are separated into candidates for domestic and offshore outsourcing. The determination of domestic or offshore outsourcing is a question of balancing among reliability, specialization and price and in that order. We also take into consideration legal requirements.

A critical component of TIG’s success with Strategic Outsourcing is our management of the fulfillment side of the equation. TIG supervises and facilitates these processes throughout our engagement. We value the seamless-ness of an installation nearly as much as the price.

Research and Trend Analysis:
TIG’s databases compare your costs with industry to determine areas of analysis.

Create IT outsourcing policy:
TIG compares cost-of-implementation with expected-savings to determine value-added, if any.

Develop migration plan:
TIG details step-by-step implementation plan to ease transition from old to new.

Vendor bake-off:
TIG sponsors “reverse auction” for vendors to provide services at high value-added levels.

Communication plan, Organizational Change plan:
TIG makes certain managers and employees are in constant communication about changes and facilitates meetings to “grease the skids.”

Managed execution, maintenance and tweaking:
TIG measures progress and will modify implementation to meet client-specific circumstances

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Strategic Outsourcing
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